Dating for Friendship

Relationships that last for decades are often mystifying to people, so they usually ask what has kept a couple together....


The Search For Compatibility

When people begin to describe their perfect partner, they often start with a physical description. The looks and measurements of...


Defining Parameters

When seeking a date, looks seem to matter a great deal to people. Science has proclaimed that attractiveness is found...


Open to the Possibilities

Seeking a partner in life can be frustrating, and this often occurs because people are not open to possible mates...


Dating Real People

When people define who they want for a long term relationship, they are often seeking someone who simply does not...


Defining Relationship Goals

The majority of people are interested in finding a partner, but not all of them have well-defined relationship goals. They...

People who are looking for a partner in life are always looking for the perfect date, but many of them have a difficult time defining it. They want someone who is attractive, intelligent, outgoing and fun. This sounds fairly definitive, but it does not quite spell out the person they seek. Everyone has their own measurements for these attributes, and no two people look at them quite the same. This has been an issue for centuries, but computers have helped to change the way people define what they seek.

Online dating sites often feature a matching service for their clients, but each person must define exactly what they want. Computers are literal, and giving vague descriptions will not produce any results. That is one good thing about them, and daters are forced to qualify their choices for a good match. The world of dating may never be the same, but perhaps that is best in the modern world.